Drawberry Jam’s primary goal is to illustrate books. Since 2015 Jenna has been working on various book projects; some self-initiated, some for other authors. Jenna loves developing characters and bringing them to life, and is always looking for the little touches that add texture and interest to the overall image. If you’d like to discuss your book project, get in contact here.

Rocket Bear

The first project to share with you is ‘Rocket Bear’, a lovely children’s story (to become a series of books) written by Paul Wilkins. It is loosely based on the tale of the tortoise and the hare, with a fun and unexpected twist! Paul and I have worked closely together throughout the process of creating the illustrations for the book, and we are now nearly finished! Here are some snapshots.

© Drawberry Jam 2016


Initial character designs for Rocket Bear

Rocket Bear, Socrates the tortoise, and the boastful rabbit:

Moving house – a cat story

A book project initiated by Drawberry Jam, this is the story of a cat’s perception of moving home – told entirely without words. The aim is to have the book illustrated and completed by the end of 2016.

© Drawberry Jam 2016



Which colour?

I put the following cat colours to several test groups of cat lovers, with calico being the overwhelming favourite amongst everyone. This makes her female, though a name has still yet to be chosen.

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